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Alamo Training TABC Certification Course

Alamo Training is the premier online resource for TABC training and certification. We are the easiest and most convenient training facility for you to receive this very important certification. Moreover, most businesses require you to already be TABC certified.

Alamo Training is the most exciting and engaging way to get your TABC server certification; either in-class or online.

Our online course, works on almost any computer, and is available 24 x 7 in the comfort of your own home. This online TABC seller/server certification course contains all the necessary information you need to successfully complete the TABC certification exam. It is is a 2 hour alcohol seller/server certification program. The TABC certification course is a highly interactive and entertaining program that offers full audio narration, interactive games, real life scenarios and exciting graphics.

Course topics include:
Texas Dram Shop Law
Criminal Negligence
Age verification and ID techniques
The Recognition and Prevention of Intoxication
TABC violations and penalties
Private Clubs
Intervention Techniques

About Alamo Training

Alamo Training utilizes the Austin based Dram Shop Schools Curriculum, one of the first seller-server training programs approved in Texas by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). It has been used to train thousands of employees of alcoholic beverage licenses throughout Texas since 1988 and has been recently updated to reflect requirements of the TABC Code Chapter 50 - Alcohol Awareness and Education.

Owner and trainer, Thomas M. Marino, is a 20-year Veteran of the USAF and holds a Masters Degree in Quality Systems Management and Bachelors in Education, Training, and Development. He is also a certified Health Promotion Director through the Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX.

Tom has conducted numerous speaking engagements on Health and Wellness related topics across the country and has provided expert witness testomony. His training cadre includes experienced Public Health educators, Drug and Alcohol Abuse counselors, and Law Enforcement officials.

Why Alamo Training?

98% of students completing our post class evaluation claim that our training was "well worth their time" with 80% of the material covered as "new to them".

Of those that have previously taken other classes, 97% say that the Alamo Training class was "better than the class I took before".

Our Team is who to call on for your Training Needs.

Responsible Alcohol Service - Saves Lives - Get Certified!



TABC Certification, TABC Certification Classes by Owner Tom Marino.


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